How Blogs And Online Newspapers Relate Each Other

What differs blogs from online newspapers? Well, blogs are the voice of writers, that could be anybody, with or with no codes of professional journalism. Whereas online newspapers only figure out the writers that fit to the standards of journalism. In today’s era, blogs are replacing the traditional Iranian Persian newspapers, by competing for the viewer’s attention, much the same like a newspaper does on a stand.

People look for the news that can differentiate them from their competition. And to do so, they provide their readers more evidence of journalism by composing concise headlines and choosing adequate images or art. The good interesting content or news holds together.

Facebook, being one of the best social networks and the best source of the most loyal and repeat visitors, nowadays exceeds google news and readers. This means, people can now get their news from social networks. So, what strategies are you using to become an online article?

Be the first to break any news or be the one who can give the funniest or most insightful commentary on the news. Standing out amongst the crowd is a struggle. Keep your blog’s headlines clear and concise. Instead of concentrating on cute titles, put more focus on the main content of your blog, just like in a printed newspaper. Of course, don’t forget to use appropriate keywords.

However, what differs the most between online Iranian Persian newspapers and blogs is the timing of the news cycle. Newspapers get an entire day or if needed longer to finish any story, on the other hand bloggers need to be in a hurry to finish the story or content in order to compete for the viewer’s attention on time. Once the online content of the print publication is increased, they will start mimicking blogs not only in timeliness but also in many other ways.


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