Reading Historic Newspapers Online

Newspapers are the first-hand creations showing relevant information about life and culture. Keeping up the same characteristics and qualities of the printed newspapers, the way of enjoying news in today’s digital age has been changed.

Earlier the printed newspapers never meant to last long. But now, being eye, voice and spirit of the community, historic Iranian Persian newspapers are preserved in a protective format that is known as microfilm. This makes it efficient, long lasting and can be handled repeatedly. Microfilm reels are small and if stored properly can last up to hundreds of years. Beneficially microfilm is invulnerable and don’t need any hardware or software nor any operating system.

When we talk about searchability, online digital historic newspapers carry a clear advantage of websites offering online access to the database with countless pages. These online pages are digitalized from microfilm copies and the latest technology used adds into it the search capabilities that helps the researchers fetch specific information just by browsing the title, date and place. These digital newspapers often serve the political stories or reports about marriages, birth or any family missing out anywhere.

The historic digital online newspapers also recognize the optical characters. This OCR – optical character recognition – feature deciphers the printed text into machine-readable text that makes it easy to search. But, because of the microfilm images this new technology some times can’t convert every printed word.

As it is well known, the printed newspaper business is now rapidly disappearing making the way for digital, online newspapers. The online news providers also look out for all the innovative ways to showcase their collections and highlight them into the public space of their website gallery. These online historic news websites are not fancy, but contains a responsive newspaper theme, powerful menus and homepage. Offering a new advantage online Persian daily news providers allows it’s users to create an account and share any content. This means to be a great tool for the researchers.


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