Problems With Newspaper Blogs On Newspaper Sites

The major problem with newspaper blogs is, the newspapers have a huge navigation to search a single content. Newspapers should not be big brand, but they should have big collection of brands. Like if you are searching for a blog, you won’t prefer to sail through numerous layers of a website’s navigation, just like newspapers. People don’t take newspapers as a portal to their blogs, as they don’t suggest a brand or an address with too many dots and slashes in it. They preferably search posts through trusted peers and RSS subscriptions. Blogs spread easily, not because they are placed in huge sites but because they are related to people.

In case if Iranian Persian newspapers start blogging, lots of blogs will be needed at various addresses. Also the blogs must be written for people and not for the institution. To grow and spread far, the news sites must make it easy to join in and also be linked easily to other conversations. – Not numerous clicks deep into a giant newspaper website that do provide us the links, but the construction creates hassles.

Blogs are now getting ready to find new homes for themselves, as they are increasing in numbers and getting more and more better. The problem with newspaper blogs is the categories in the blog section. Like you visit a newspaper site to view some blogs, what you will see is few blogs about sports, some about gossips, or some politics. This only shows the broken nature of newspaper navigation, if you want to view blogs. But if you want to get some genuine news, it won’t bring your broken information. To build a direct relationship with blogs we need to get them directly, just with a single click.

The blogs are now getting more plentiful and much more better. And you might feel happy to read that Iranian Persian newspapers bloggers are now getting in mind the importance of a new relationship with others. What newspapers can do to avoid numbers of clicks, is to make parts of larger contents and ads to help viewers get it in single or at least few clicks.


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