Valuable Lessons An Iranian News Provider Must Learn From Bloggers

The News industry is changing rapidly. The online newspapers have taken over the traditional prints that are losing readers rapidly to online readers. These online readers are not only reading newspapers, but also blogs and other similar type of sites.

Online Iranian Farsi news are now trying to find out various ways of surviving online. Online ads are also least workable, as the news publishing market has been broken. As advertising online has been widely spread out among numerous sites, what online news providers should do to survive in today’s online market?

Newspapers are not able to survive even with online ads due to its huge size, with a newsroom of editors and journalists, photographers and many more. This newsroom is just a small part of the newspaper firm. They also have other departments for advertising, production, accounting etc. The solution to this is to become smaller, means to get rid of large parts of management and marketing. A small news team can provide great contents.

One more reason is, readers will mostly prefer to read unpaid things. Some may pay a small amount for the entire newspaper issue, but who is going to read the whole online newspaper daily? People just read one or two interesting articles and move to another website. And if the other website is providing cost-less news, they are not going to come back to the paid news site. Having regular readers is not enough for gaining traffic. The traffic actually comes from the links via various social networks or Iranian Farsi news sites or some other sources and not readers. Hence, most of the people won’t link to you, if there have to pay.

Earlier, news providers only competed against major news media. But now this is not the case. Now you can find competition everywhere for folk’s interest and attention. Find out your competitive advantages and use them for yourself. People still loves to read those old types news about politics, about society etc., but should be replaced by new competitors.

There are many more ways to survive in today’s online market. You just need to educate yourself with new ways of working, so that you don’t go out of your business.


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