Why Do People Go Online To Fetch News?

News providers invest reluctantly in online operations. The reason is not to introduce and fully exploit the potential of online news but they are afraid of the world wide web that can replace the traditional print media in the news market. They might not have understood what readers want from online news and how things can affect their behaviour after receiving it. Do the news practitioners understand, why news readers are turning towards online news and how can they offer the readers something similar? Why more and more audiences are adopting online Iranian Farsi news?

One of the reasons for adopting online newspapers are, the “no cost” factor and more news choices. Readers are benefited with multitasking effects. Many audiences mostly avoid paying for news. As an effect, they might be in again and the multitasking effect might be reduced if the news are not free. They supply in-depth information with innovative background and regular updates. Online news also provides the opportunity to discuss the news or to contact the media.

The link within the attributes of online news and the online readers have been successfully explored but it is still hard to study, what it’s practical consequences are.

Will online news gradually take over the traditional print media? Or will all the news sources complement each other? These are two of a few unsolved questions. The main reason for the adoption of online news seemed to be the immediacy. It has been studied that circa 70% of news readers visit news sites twice or thrice a day. This means, it is necessary for an online news practitioner to provide news 24/7 with continuous updates and quality content.

One of the most important advantages of online news is it’s unlimited space and interactive quality that attracts as many audiences as possible. Customization i.e. ability of getting tailor-made news, has nothing to do with the increasing number of people adopting online news. But its influence the level of viewer’s attachment after adoption.

As per the study, the displacement effect from printed newspapers to online Iranian Persian newspaper are proved to be still limited, as very few users have discontinued using the traditional print media.


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